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Kinect, radarTOUCH, primeTOUCH


Cooperation with Glare Productions

Using the Microsoft Kinect gesture control, this installation tracks passers-by and displays their silhouettes on a video wall. When a visitor approaches the wall, the system recognizes his position and lets content appear in front of him for easy interaction. View project



Multi-Touch System


Cooperation with LANG AG

The radarTOUCH system was developed in cooperation with our partner Lang AG. It is a laser based technology which allows for interactivity on extra large displays and projection walls. Due to its small size the radarTOUCH is a very flexible technology and can be integrated easily into many different setups. View project



Kinetic Displays


In-house Development

The shift-display-technology is based on the idea that the content of a presentation adjusts itself according to the position of the screen it is presented on. Thus, the screen functions as a movable window into the digital world. View project





In-house Development

Augmented reality – the blending of real and digital world. We have dedicated an in-house project to this topic to explore possibilities of creating compelling augmented reality projects. This example shows the use of markers, which create a virtual space in combination with an iPad’s camera image. View project



360° Augmented Reality Display


In-house Development

This prototype is an engaging example of the combination of physical exhibit with virtual content. The transparent multi-touch screen, which is mounted on a fixture with four axes, can be rotated around the exhibit, tilted and moved up and down. Additional information is available from every possible position. View project

3D FORUM 2011


Various Installations


In-house Development

In 2011 we again were present at the technology show of the 3D Forum. We displayed a number of virtual installations at the so-called „Augmented Reality Station“. Additionally, we introduced a 3D mapping project, which not only featured an extremely complex geometry as projection surface, but could also be operated interactively. View project

3D FORUM 2010


Various Installations


In-house Development

The 3D Forum by Lang AG is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate our newest developments to an interested audience. In 2010 we took part as exhibitors and showed a number of interactive applications. View project