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Multi-Touch System

The radarTOUCH system was developed in cooperation with our partner Lang AG. It is a laser based technology, which allows for interactivity on extra large displays and projection walls. Due to its small size the radarTOUCH is a very flexible technology and can be integrated easily into many different setups.


The system emits an infrared pulse which creates an invisible circular barrier around the device. If this barrier is broken, the system recognizes this and translates it into a touch input. The radarTOUCH can be placed in front of LED walls, multi-display installations or even anywhere in the room. At any given moment the system can detect up to 200 touch points and is therefore perfect for multi-user installations. One device covers a space of up to 50 meters in diameter; for even larger installations, several radarTOUCH devices can be combined.