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Freelance or Permanent Position

At least two years of experience

We are constantly looking for talents to support our team. Ventuz and Unity plays a crucial part in our work. Whether you are an all-rounder, a 3D expert, a scripter or a graphic designer, if you know your way around the Ventuz software suite, you have a good chance of finding a position in our company. We are looking forward to your application.



Minimum Duration: 6 Months

You can spend your placement semester sorting cables and making coffee. Or you can work for us! We will get you involved in real projects from the get-go and let you take over responsibilities.

And for those who aren’t in college or university, yet? Many young people use the freedom after graduating from school to try out a few career options. We gladly offer some insight into our industry. Just send us your application.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer internships for shorter periods of time.