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Here you will find short news about our projects, which we cannot present in such detail. Please also take a look at our projects section with more detailed information, videos and pictures about our work.

Shift-Display-Automobile presentation with POOLgroup

Together with POOLgroup we realized a shift display solution for a Bavarian automotive manufacturer. Next to design and construction of the display, we were also responsible for the content, which showed visuals about the inside of the vehicle according to the position of the screen.

Futuristic, interactive 360-degree conference room – CFOspace

We are honored to continuously improve the CFOspace at Ernst & Young. This year, we have implemented new showcases for different markets and trends, and have developed additional collaboration tools for the futuristic, interactive, and awarded 360 degree conference room.

Augmented-Reality-Presentation for 361/DRX

For an automotive event in Warsaw and in cooperation with the agency 361/DRX we created an augmented reality presentation to introduce the newest generation of cars in an innovative way. During the event, which lasted several days, the cars were placed on rotating platforms. Additional AR content enhanced the viewing experience.


SIGMA System Audio-Visuell GmbH commissioned us to realize a curved shift display solution for the presentation floor of a mobile phone provider from Düsseldorf on the 18th floor of the headquarters. This permanent installation offers a 65-inch display which can be easily moved along 15 meters of panoramic windows. Visitors can use the interactive features to get information on the mobile phone provider’s latest projects. By detecting the exact position on the shift display, we are also able to implement a view on the city of Düsseldorf corresponding to the location of the display in front of the window.

Dynamic content using kinetic sensors

In cooperation with a German sports car manufacturer from Stuttgart we had the opportunity to once again play around with some fancy cars on an air strip in Palm Springs. On the occasion of presenting the new models to the dealerships, we created a dynamic content visualization on the landing field using kinetic motion detection technology, which enhanced the staging of the cars. Inside the presentation facility, we installed a high-end soft-edge projection on rotating vehicles.

Adaptions Touch applications for Wabco

For our client Wabco, we transformed a number of interactive applications, which had been introduced at IAA 2018, for the use on PCs and different touch displays to be used by the sales team.

Exhebitionyear with 3M Dyneon

In 2019, we were once again honored to accompany 3M Dyneon through their year of trade show presentations.

Sinus Award for Realtime Department!

April 2018

We are very proud to receive the Sinus - Systems Integration Award, which was presented to us yesterday by Messe Frankfurt at Prolight + Sound. The Sinus is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the field of AV media technology and system integration. In the category "Business" the CFOSpace of Ernst & Young GmbH achieved the first place!  The Realtime Department GmbH was responsible for the content and design as well as for the programming and technical integration of the media servers into the rest of the media landscape. Thanks to the whole EY team for the trust they have placed in us and that we can realize and further develop this project! Our thanks also go to our partners from Lang AG and the colleagues from Ventuz for the great support also to hmpartner and Datavision!

Interactive Product Portfolio

October 2017

We created an interactive touch application for a biotech customer, which was used at several industry conventions. It allowed users to receive information about the company’s products and their technological improvements. After the application’s success, we transformed it into an iPad App for a number of locations worldwide.

Virtual Truck-Cab to go

October 2017

Last year we realized a virtual reality installation for our customer WABCO, that transported the user inside a truck’s drivers cab. After its great success at IAA 2016, we developed a mobile version of the application. The goal is to allow WABCO to demonstrate their driver assistance solutions in a 360-degree environment even at overseas exhibitions and events. The entire installation fits into a small flight case and consists of an easy hardware setup. VR headsets provide the visitors with an authentic driving experience. WABCO has already utilized the mobile VR Truck-Cab in India, China, Japan, Russia, and the US.

New Presentation for 3M Dyneon

October 2017

3M Dyneon really liked the company presentation we had created for them, but for the 2017 exhibition cycle, an update was necessary. This included the implementation of new products and services as well as some design adjustments. In addition, we realized a holocube presentation for an exhibition this fall.

Show Truck for Sonepar

October 2017

We created several extensions for the touch application that accompanies Sonepar’s show truck. The installation includes an RFID detection system. Additionally, we installed an analysis system for the touch inputs, which provides the customer with more insight into user engagement and behavior.

Touch Wall for Pixelpark

October 2017

We created an interactive touch application on a video wall of four OLED displays for our customer Publicis Pixelpark and their client Siemens. The installation was first used at Hannovermesse 2017.

Shift Display Technology

September 2016

For a showroom in China we developed an interactive exhibit using our well-known Shift Display technology. Four displays could be moved back and forth in front of a model city. We installed a positioning solution that allowed the displays to show an exact digital replica of the model city, enhanced with animations and effects, at every location of the screen. The content was kindly provided by our partners from Glare Productions, who were also on site in China during the installation process.

Augmented Reality Presentation

September 2016

On the occasion of a large sales event we once again had the luxury of dealing with the beautiful sports cars from southern Germany. For this rather complex project we created an Augmented Reality presentation, several touch table installations and a large projection. With the help of our applications, visitors were introduced to the new car models and were able to get acquainted with the planned marketing campaign.

Interactive Exhibition Augmented Reality

May 2016

For their appearance at an international congress in 2016, we supported a large biotec company with a number of presentations. The topic: products and services for electro-therapy of the heart. Additionally, we created an augmented reality setup for the stand personnel’s iPads, which allowed visitors to interactively experience the products’ advantages.

Augmented Reality Show

March 2016

We supported the very first presentation of Daimler’s brand new connectivity system for trucks with a complex augmented reality setup. A real-life truck was placed on stage next to the speaker podium. The entire presentation was filmed and streamed into a large display wall which was mounted above the stage. Using markers on the vehicle, we added a digital layer on top of the filmed images and used it to place 3D objects of the connectivity system components into the truck. Depending on the camera movement, the digital objects changed position and thus served for a perfect illusion. With this augmented reality installation, the moderator was able to explain the functionalities of the connectivity system in a visually appealing manner.

Interactive Presentation

March 2016

Radium Lampenwerk is one of Germany’s oldest and most renowned lamp manufacturers. But they are also innovative leaders when it comes to their image cultivation – most recently with an interactive presentation by the REALTIME DEPARTMENT.

​360° LED-Wall Update

February 2016

It is always a pleasure when new customers turn into regular customers: after a very successful show for an American automobile manufacturer, the lead agency approached us again with a new inquiry. We updated the very popular existing presentation and added a number of new content items and visual elements.

360° LED Wall

Januar 2016


The Department overseas with our partner Glare Productions – we supported one of the largest US automobile manufacturers at one of the largest US automobile shows. The impressive booth was equipped with a massive 360° LED wall for which we created mood animations and information graphics consisting of 2D and 3D elements as well as text. A special feature was a live voting system which allowed people to participate right at the show as well as online. The voting data was brought into the graphics in real-time and visualized on the LED wall.

December 2015

Transparent Touch Application 

Nice sports cars trigger special emotions in many people: such as the desire to touch them. We picked up on this very emotion with our installations for the dealer launch event held by a large sports car manufacturer in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. Visitors were not only able to touch the cars, but also our multitouch info-terminals which were equipped with state-of-the-art transparent displays. Through an intuitive interface, dealers were able to get acquainted with every element of the planned marketing campaign.

Interactive Installation

November 2015

The famous Blauhaus in Mönchengladbach, Germany, is a building dedicated to the topic of energy. Recently, we have strengthened this experience with a custom made interactive installation which shows the interplay of various energy technology components on a large projection wall. The application can be controlled by the moderator using an iPad, which allows him to dictate the pace of the presentation according to the audience’s questions and interests.

Show Presentation Event  

October 2015

The Department is proud to count the beautiful city of Dusseldorf among its loyal customers. For their appearance at the Exporeal 2015 in Munich, we updated a complex Ventuz presentation for them, that we had created for an earlier event. Additionally, we supported them on-site with the installation of a large-scale video wall consisting of seamless displays on which the presentation was held.

Interactive Presentation

September 2015

In cooperation with lead agency AVE Audio Visual Equipment Verhengsten GmbH & Co. we created a modular, interactive presentation for a German automotive company. Planned as an internal corporate presentation, the content can be easily adapted to individual needs and is controlled through swipe gestures on several displays. 

Presentation for Automobile Launch

September 2015

Automobile launches are always special events, but when our customer, an automotive company, presented a new model to their dealers in Spain, the project had a very unique twist to it. We created 3D graphics for a 45-minute show which was held twice a day – and, of course, with changing content. Therefore, we integrated a dynamic data input solution into the presentation, making it possible to adapt content on the fly. The content was shown on a 270° media installation which enveloped three quarters of the room, putting the audience right in the middle of the event.

Interactive Trade Show Installations

September 2015

We were assigned by the agency UNICBLUE Messe GmbH to create two interactive applications for the EASD Congress 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden. The first installation was a Media-Multitouch-Wall which allowed visitors to navigate interactively through a wide variety of content. The second installation allowed visitors to take part in a “Step Activity”, sending them on a virtual walk though Stockholm. Two identical stepper stations were equipped with touchscreens that allowed the users to control the game and start their tour. The video of the tour was played back at the individual step speed of each candidate. During the tour, a number of questions were displayed on the touchscreen. If answered correctly, the players could gain additional points.

UEFA Drawing of Champions League and Europa League

August 2015

This project has the heart of any soccer fan beat faster. We were honored to support the drawing for the UEFA season with a dynamic Ventuz presentation. The live analysis was seamlessly streamed into the presentation, where we visualized it in an appealing fashion. Additionally, we designed a number of animation sequences.

Exhibit at an Automobile Show

July 2015

The internet of things is more than just a fancy idea. We were able to demonstrate this at an automobile show using smart interactive exhibits. A number of touch tables were equipped with high-end RFID technology. Visitors were able to bring individual exhibits to one of the tables, which would pick up the object’s RFID signal and react by opening the corresponding presentation. Touch and swipe gestures allowed the visitor to navigate intuitively through the many information levels.

Cardiology Congress

The assignment for this project was to familiarize the visitors of the Heart Rhythm Society Congress with the ProMRI technology, a system for pacemakers which are compatible with MRIs. We equipped the booth of our customer with a 98” multitouch display which offered a digital game. Users could select a virtual patient and experience the advantages of the ProMRI technology first-hand.


To get deeper insight into the topic, we also installed two 46” touch tables. Here visitors could take a look at all aspects of the ProMRI pacemakers and electrodes. The application was very popular among the visitors, which is why we were asked to turn it into an iPad app for the field crew.

Dancing Displays

There is no better place to be asked for a dance than Paris. This is what we thought when we were approached by one of our customers to create a “Monitor Ballet” for Intermat, an exhibition for construction machines in Paris. The assignment was to install five 47” monitors on moving steles and make them rotate individually. What made this application especially tricky was that the content needed to adjust to the monitors’ movements and remain in the virtually correct position at all times.


In order to accomplish this, we collected the motion data from the monitors and used it to operate five virtual cameras inside of the 3D project. The incredibly precise motors, which moved the steles around, as well as a self-programmed plug-in served for a flawless installation.

International Dentalschow 2015

For this event we equipped a customer’s exhibition booth with a variety of interactive media installations which were intended to reflect the complete portfolio of the company in an interesting way. The innovation area was provided with three multitouch tables which could be operated via touch or marker elements. Live dental treatments were performed on a show stage – we captured these treatments on video and streamed them live to two displays on both sides of the stage, so that all visitors could follow the procedure. A shift-display-installation visualized the company’s various fields of activity, and a fotobooth gave visitors the opportunity to take an image of themselves, select a background, add text, and send the image out via email. A comprehensive concept for a holistic trade show experience. 

Transformation Forum


On the occasion of the Transformation Forum in Astana, Kazakhstan, we were commissioned to create five presentations for the country’s largest transportation companies – on just one presentation surface. We joined forces with our partner Glare Productions and installed a video wall consisting of eight displays, which featured an innovative touch concept.

Interactive Exhibition Installations


The annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes in Vienna gave us the opportunity to visualize the complex subject of diabetes in a playful manner. We were commissioned by our customer UNICBLUE Messe GmbH to equip two exhibition stands with interactive installations. On one booth we installed a video wall consisting of six 60” displays.

Virtual Driving Cab

IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2014

At the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 we had the chance to create an interactive driving cab for one of the leading manufacturers of driving assistance systems for commercial vehicles. The goal of the installation was to show the functionality of a number of assistance and control systems during operation.

Stage Show

Abu Dhabi

June 2014

Everything is bigger in the United Arab Emirates, even their events. This was especially true for a festivity which took place in June. We provided animated content not only for an enormous projection surface, but also for several LED walls. Using the Ventuz software suite, we created an elegant graphical show, which was brought on stage smoothly from the gallery.


Interactive Holographic Installation


June 2014

It is always a challenge to bring complex information into an easily understandable form. At this year’s MAINTAIN in Munich we created a number of interactive presentations for the company Evonik to help them to present their products. Via a multi-touch interface on a Holopro-screen the product manager could select content which would then be displayed on a large video wall. The installation made it possible to address all visitors on the booth at the same time and react to specific questions at once.

Food Can


Interpack 2014

May 2014

It is a can – but so much more. At Interpack 2014 this easy principle was put into action in a very playful manner, using a multi-touch table. We equipped a number of food can models with special sensory markers. If a can was placed onto the multi-touch table, additional information such as images and text would appear automatically. Thus, the can itself served as a navigation tool for the application.


We have moved!

April 2014

After some elaborate modifications our new office is finally ready for occupation. On 500 square meters we now have enough room to do even greater work than ever before. We are very excited and look forward to welcoming you at our new hub.


The new address is: Oberdörnen 17, 42283 Wuppertal, Germany.

You can park your car in the courtyard.


Shift Display

Light & Building Frankfurt

March 2014

Last year we developed a custom shift screen application for STIBEL ELTRON. After some minor modifications, this same application was used again at the Light & Building exhibition in Frankfurt. The movable interactive display was embedded into a table and allowed the visitors to dive into the topic ‘The Future of Energy Supply’.

City of Düsseldorf

Mipim 2014


March 2014

Quick trip to Cannes … For the city of Düsseldorf, the appearance of its mayor at Mipim is always a highlight. To ensure a perfect flow, we supported his speech with graphical presentation content. Through or custom control tool, an in-house development, we could adjust the graphics to smoothly align with the mayor’s speaking pace.

Porsche Macan

Dealer Conference


March 2014

Introducing a new Porsche model to the international sales teams does take some time: in the case of the Macan almost four weeks. Naturally, a car like this requires a unique presentation. We placed the Macan on a rotating pane, which could be controlled dynamically. Using the finest projection mapping technology, we turned the car into a smooth projection surface and thereby visualized a number of different finishes and configurations – directly on the Macan. The rotating pane and the graphics operated in perfect synchronization so that even when the car was moving the graphics always lined up perfectly with the vehicle.

Olympic Games

Support of the German House


February 2014

“Play it again, Sam.” For the third time a row we were asked to support the German House at the Olympic Games – this time in the middle of the impressive city of Sochi.

ISE 2014

Lang AG


January 2014

And yet again – ISE in Amsterdam! This year the booth of Lang AG was dominated by 4K technologies. We picked up this topic with an especially playful installation: a 4K pinball machine, which consisted of two 4K displays. Naturally, this served for especially brilliant graphics, but we stepped up the game by creating a pinball world shaped after the buildup of a 4K laser phosphor projector. Thus, by playing the game visitors could also learn about the functionality of this technology. Next to this show-stopped we also provided the booth of Lang AG as well as a few other stands with custom multi-touch installations.




August 2013

We supported the launch event for the Energetix catalogue with a sophisticated stage setup: a total of nine projectors illuminated the stage and provided additional projection mapping. Each segment of the show was given a unique atmosphere with the help of elaborate real-time graphics.



Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich

August 2013

In August 2013 the roadshow of IP Germany travelled through the cities of Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Munich. We equipped the one hour opening ceremony of each event with a spectacular holographic installation. Using high-resolution LED modules and a custom holographic foil, the 3D content appeared out of thin air directly on stage.