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Here you will find some of the great projects we realized for our customers during the last years. Unfortunately, we are not always allowed to speak about our involvement in certain events, but whenever we can you will find it below. Who knows, maybe one of your projects will find its way onto this site one day. Please also take a look at our news section, in which we briefly report on projects that we cannot present in such detail.

ISE Amsterdam 2020 System for high-end presentations and workshops

One solution - infinite possibilities

Our uniquely versatile collaboration framework enables you to present complex relationships in a visually stunning environment with the simplicity of a touch. View project

ISE Amsterdam 2020 AR Touch application with transparent OLED

At this year's ISE, we showed another highlight in addition to the collaboration framework exhibit. A 2×2 GhosT-OLED wall, installed in front of a 3×3 seamless wall. In between there was a real e-bike. View project

Interactive real time streaming | in house development

Interactive presentations and workshops in media spaces are becoming increasingly popular. But rooms have limits concerning location and capacity. So, the question is: How to enable customers to participate in a session, who cannot come or just do not fit into the room? Here is our answer to this question .... View project

Augmented Reality and quiz application
Client: Kunde: Zeichen & Wunder München

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft we, together with the Munich based agency Zeichen und Wunder, realized an augmented reality application and an interactive quiz on the topic of artificial intelligence. View project

Integrated System Europe in Amsterdam 2019
Tangible Object Recognition steers projection mapping

In 2019 we once again accompanied LANG AG on their booth at ISE and provided a fancy media application. On a 55-inch display with 4K resolution we showed a presentation featuring TOR – Tangible Object Recognition technology. View project

Interactive application OLED Display Wall
Kunde: K.A. Schmersal GmbH & Co. KG

The heart of the booth was a large display wall with 10 Double Sided OLEDs (seamless 5x2). These were accessible from both sides. Another touch application was the Feldbox configurator. Consisting of two 55" 4K touch displays. View project

Interactive Showroom "Experience Center“
Client: Wärtsilä Finland Oy

For Wärtsilä in Vaasa we developed an interactive showroom the Experience Center. With the help of presentation modules, various corporate topics can be presented there. In addition to the various presentations, interactive simulations can also be carried out. For example, the competence of Wärtsilä will be demonstrated on the course of a shipping route. View project

Augmented Reality Shiftdisplay, VR 360° Experience and Touch Applications at IAA 2018
Client: WABCO

Also in 2018 we were able to realize several trade fair exhibits for WABCO for the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018. This year's highlight was an Augmented Reality Shift-Display exhibit with the help of which a new technology was presented. Various touch applications were distributed throughout the stand, illuminating the most diverse areas of the company. At the centre of the presentation were WABCO's driver assistance systems, which were transmitted via VR headsets in 360° scenarios. View project

Show truck with interactive installations

Company Sonepar has chosen a very unique way to reach their customers with a wow-effect: a showtruck that holds their InnovationLab. The inside consists of a media experience which communicates latest trends in the electrician trade in the form of a variety of interactive installations. View project

Realtime immersive showroom and object recognition at the ISE 2018

New and upcoming tools for the integration of show and fact blocks into showrooms. As well as a microcar tablerace with object recognition technology at the ISE 2018. View project

Winning Energy – Pavilion of Kazakhstan at Expo 2017
Client: Kunzberg
In cooperation with GROSSE 8

The Expo 2017 theme was “Future Energy”. To pay tribute to this topic, the installations we realized were dedicated to many different forms of energy generation with a special focus on sustainability. We equipped the pavilion of Kazakhstan with six interactive installations that were not only meant to appeal to the visitors’ curiosity, but also their sense of fun. View project

The Transparent Factory - Schmersal at Interpack 2017
Client: Schmersal

Shift-Display solution at Interpack 2017. The project consisted of two Shift-Displays which were installed in front of a model factory and showed the inside of the facility. View project

Interactive Touch applications
Medical conference 2017
Client: Deep-Blue

We created an interactive touch application for a medical technology companie, which was used at several industry conventions. It allowed users to receive information about the company’s products and their technological improvements. View project

on Integrated Systems Europe 2017

A special surprise waited on the ISE booth of LANG AG. An interactive table soccer (digital table football) equipped with a 4K display. At the booth of  Ventuz Technology a Virtual and Augmented Reality Station inspired the visitors. View project

Virtual und Augmented Reality
Innovationstag Gläserne Manufaktur
Volkswagen Dresden

Virtual and Augmented Reality are great emerging technologies, but they still have limitations. So we have made it our goal to utilize the advantages auf VR and AR in a wider sense and make them easily available through the wide range of technology we use. View project

Touch applications and VR 360° Experience
IAA 2016
Client: WABCO

Digital Exhibition Concept for WABCO at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016. Across the entire stand, visitors could find touch-applications that illuminated different aspects of the company’s business endeavors. The main topic of the WABCO stand,  were driver assistance systems, which became alive with VR headsets for a 360° all-round view. View project

Showroom Installation


Client: State of the Art Köln

We were commissioned by the agency State of the Art to provide two applications for a permanent showroom setup. One of these applications was an interactive sideboard which displayed a timeline of the customer’s history. View project

IFA 2016 Global Press Conference, Hong Kong


Client: Ma*Ma Production GmbH / Messe Berlin

We were hired by Ma*Ma Production GmbH to create the presentation for the press conference and support the team on site. View project

Augmented reality application OLED Display


Integrated Systems 2016


Client: LANG AG

At ISE 2016 in Amsterdam, Lang AG introduced the new GhosT-OLED display, a completely transparent interactive screen. To visualize this groundbreaking technology in an appropriate manner, we were asked to develop an exciting application. View project

Interactive sliding door

SPS IPC Drives 2015

Client: wisuell wigge.kommunikation / K. A. Schmersal Holding GmbH & Co. KG

SPS IPC Drives is Europe’s leading event for the industry of electrical automation. Security systems manufacturer Schmersal chose this event to present their new product AZM400 in November of 2015. We were commissioned by the agency wisuell wigge.kommunikation to put into reality their concept to visualize the new product. We developed an interactive sliding door, that could be opened and closed mechanically. View project

mapping and interactive applications


Integrated Systems Europe 2015 in Amsterdam


Customer: LANG AG

Once again we equipped the booth of our partner LANG AG with a number of interactive installations and presentations. The main attraction was a projection mapping installation which served as the eye-catcher of the booth. A playful highlight was a digital game, which allowed a large number of users to compete against each other simultaneously. For this station, we used the new 98“ primeTOUCH UHD and installed it as a table. View project

Interactive Exhibit


InnoTrans 2014 Berlin


Customer: hl-studios

On the occasion of InnoTrans 2014 we cooperated with the agency hl-studios and the model makers Werk5 to create an interactive exhibit. In order to explain concepts for the electrification of rail infrastructures, we equipped the stand with a physical model which visualized the entire system with all of its components. View project

Transformation Forum



On the occasion of the Transformation Forum in Astana, Kazakhstan, we were commissioned to create five presentations for the country’s largest transportation companies – on just one presentation surface. We joined forces with our partner Glare Productions and installed a video wall consisting of eight displays, which featured an innovative touch concept. View project

Interactive Exhibition Installations




Customer: UNICBLUE Messe GmbH

The annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes in Vienna gave us the opportunity to visualize the complex subject of diabetes in a playful manner. We were commissioned by our customer UNICBLUE Messe GmbH to equip two exhibition stands with interactive installations. On one booth we installed a video wall consisting of six 60” displays. View project

Virtual Driving Cab


IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2014

At the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 we had the chance to create an interactive driving cab for one of the leading manufacturers of driving assistance systems for commercial vehicles. The goal of the installation was to show the functionality of a number of assistance and control systems during operation. View project

4K Multitouch Application


SPS Nuremberg 2014 


Customer: hl-studios

At SPS 2014, the leading event for electrical automation, we created an interactive installation for one of the main exhibitors by transforming a 4k multitouch display into an information terminal. Visitors could browse through a large library of details and find out everything they needed to know about a wide variety of solutions. View project

4K- Interactive Pinball


Integrated Systems Europe 2014 in Amsterdam


Customer: LANG AG

ISE in Amsterdam is always a highlight of the year for us. Not only do we get to realize a few incredibly creative projects in collaboration with Lang AG, but they always reserve a spot for us where we can try something new. View project

IP Show Fourscreen


Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich


Customer: Head of Events

In 2014, the RTL Media Group used an LED holo projection to enhance their annual Fourscreen event, which was held in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich. The spectacular installation illustrated the company’s strategy for the coming year. We are very happy to have been a part of this endeavor yet again. View project

Energetix Catalogue Launch




Customer: Head of Events

The new catalogue of the jewelry label Energetix was launched in the city of Berlin. The prime location featured a stage with a width of eleven meters, consisting of a flat projection surface and column-like elements in the front. In order to create a smooth graphical show, we used sophisticated projection mapping technology to bring our animated digital worlds on stage. View project




Achema 2012


Customer: Gahrens&Battermann

Thyssen Uhde used their appearance at the Achema 2012 to present their Idea Book, which illustrates the company’s most innovative projects and philosophy. Consequently, we equipped their booth with a gigantic interactive digital book. Via simple gesture control visitors could turn pages and watch videos. The installation quickly turned into a real show-stopper and was considered a great success. View project




On Air Since 2013


Customer: Feedmee

The agency Feedmee commissioned us to create an interactive TV studio for the program “heute im Osten”. Every other week, the format presents the highlights from a daily web-show, both of which are recorded on the same set. The content is generated by the viewers via the internet and selected by the host in the studio using a multi-touch screen. The clips are then shown in full screen in the virtual studio. View project




Interzum 2011


Customer: Sensory Minds

23 seamless displays, 14 meters of media surface, three radarTOUCH devices, 170 elements of content – these are just a few numbers on this stunning installation. The U-shaped multi-touch wall showed the customer’s entire product portfolio and could be easily controlled by the presenter. View project



Hamburg, Frankfurt,
Düsseldorf, Munich 

Roadshow 2011

Customer: Head of Events

At their annual screening event, held at four different locations, IP Germany presented concepts and strategies of Media Group RTL for the coming year. The stage consisted of an enormous three-dimensional cube which we used as a projection surface, utilizing high-end mapping technology to provide a distortion-free projection. Each side of the cube featured a unique surface, serving for different stage designs. View project




Cebit 2011


Customer: Head of Events

For the introduction of Fujitsu’s Dynamic Cloud at Cebit in Hannover we created an interactive presentation which the host could operate via a touchscreen. At the same time, the display served as an additional element of the media setup. It was placed on tracks in front of the video wall and could be moved along the length of the stage, adding another level of content to the presentation. View project




Expo 2010


Customer: City of Düsseldorf

At the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, we equipped the pavilion of the city of Düsseldorf with several interactive installations. Next to a touchable harbor, a playful multi-touch wall and virtual binoculars, we created a large application which provided visitors with information and media content on the city of Düsseldorf. View project




IAA for Commercial Vehicles 2012


Customer: Heilmaier GmbH Messedesign

The company Sortimo took the opportunity at the IAA for Commercial Vehicles in Hannover to present their custom interior fitting solutions, using a twelve display video wall. The host could navigate through the content due to a radarTOUCH system, which turned the video wall into one gigantic touchscreen. View project




Integrated Systems Europe 2012


Customer: LANG AG

Six 60“ displays and an extra large primeTOUCH system created a massive multi-touch wall at ISE 2012, Europe’s largest exhibition for audiovisual technologies. We realized this interactive application, which transformed visitors into graffiti artists, in cooperation with Lang AG. Next to virtual spraying, the wall also offered an interactive game and the option to leave post-it notes. View project




PCR Congress 2013


Customer: Deepblue

After the successful realization of a multi-touch wall installation in the previous year, a Swiss biotec firm commissioned us again to create an interactive installation for their exhibition booth. We developed two touch-table installations based on camera tracking technology, which served as information islands on the stand. View project




PCR Congress 2012


Customer: Deepblue

We equipped the exhibition booth of a Swiss biotec firm with an informative multi-touch wall. Via two interactive terminals the product managers could access the virtual product portfolio. 3D-models, videos and animated graphics provided in-depth information while at the same time explaining the sophisticated technology in an easily understandable manner. View project




An elaborate projection mapping installation was used to introduce the new Audi A3 at the Heartbeat Roadshow. We utilized three projectors to show different configurations and artistic graphics directly on the car. Simultaneously, the backdrop screen featured mood videos and images, creating an impressive atmosphere for this complex stage projection. View project



Stuttgart 2011



The celebration of the 125th anniversary of Mercedes Benz posed a special challenge for us: The stage setup included three softedge projections, each sporting a size of 14 by 8 meters. Additionally, aerial acrobats were to perform in front of these vertical screens, interacting with the virtual content. View project




Interzum 2011


Customer: Blickfang

We turned the exhibition stand of the company Hettich at Interzum 2011 into a true entertainment center. Hettich’s newest products were introduced to the audience in a holographic cinema using 3D models and technology. Via an easy to use iPad app, the product manager could adjust his presentation content according to the audience’s wishes and interests. View project



Beijing, Shanghai



Customer: marbet

For the introduction of the Audi R8 into the Chinese market we created a car configurator which was shown at two roadshow events in Beijing and Shanghai. Using the Ventuz real-time engine, the application offered visitors the possibility to create their very own Spyder model. We realized this project for our client marbet Marion & Bettina Würth GmbH & Co. KG in cooperation with CREATORS GmbH. View project




ISH 2011


Customer: Fischer & Friends

An interactive presentation allowed the company Flamco to introduce their newest and most innovative products live and in 3D. The installation, which was based on the Ventuz real-time engine, could be operated via our radarTOUCH technology. View project