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4K- Interactive Pinball – Integrated Systems Europe 2014 in Amsterdam


ISE in Amsterdam is always a highlight of the year for us. Not only do we get to realize a few incredibly creative projects in collaboration with Lang AG, but they always reserve a spot for us where we can try something new.


In 2014, we created what turned out to become a true show-stopper: a 4k pinball machine. We used an interactive 4k display and designed a virtual pinball world which resembled the inside of a 4k phosphor laser projector. Visitors could use the touch screen to launch up to three balls and operate the flippers interactively. For old-school players, we also installed the well known buttons on the side and a manual plunger. Not only did this installation allow for a playful interruption of a busy exhibition day, but it also introduced the users to the functionalities of a 4k laser projector.