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Augmented Reality and quiz application. Hannovermesse 2019 / Ausstellungsschiff MS Wissenschaft 2019 / Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung Berlin

Zeichen & Wunder München

The AR exhibit featured a table, on which a playing field was printed. Two contestants, which had to take position on opposite sides of the table, could use the AR application on a tablet to navigate a virtual avatar through the Future City and learn more about artificial intelligence. At different locations, they had to solve tasks that explained, how AI will shape our personal lives and our society in the future. The contestant who mastered the tasks faster arrived first at the final destination: the Fraunhofer Academy.

Another game exhibit featured a quiz. A question plus a selection of two possible answers were shown on a display. Players had to choose one of the answers by positioning themselves on the corresponding side of the screen. The system then registered the position of each person and the answer was given in the form of a video. Video Source: Youtube/ Wissenschaft im Dialog.