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Augmented Reality Shiftdisplay, VR 360° Experience and Touch Applications at IAA 2018

WABCO is a world leading manufacturer of driving control systems of any kind. To visualize the vast portfolio on their stand at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018, we were commissioned to realize diverese digitale exhibits.
Across the entire stand, visitors could find touch-applications that illuminated different aspects of the company’s business endeavors.
We achieved a maximum of versatility by using different technologies, among them a transparent T-OLED-display. Another application focused on autonomous driving and was displayed on a 4K InGlass touchscreen. Another interactive setup included a physical button which allowed users to simulate different brake applications that were then made visible on a screen.
The main topic of the WABCO stand, however, were driver assistance systems. To allow the visitors to really experience these systems, we created a virtual truck driver’s cab, where visitors could take a seat in front of a 4k 65” display. We also provided two VR headsets for an even more realistic experience. The audience was presented with a selection of scenarios which explained the different WABCO solutions in more detail. A surround sound system with bass shake technology set the floor into vibration and served for a driving experience across all senses. Additionally, we also created content for the large LED video wall and a number of digital signs that were scattered around the stand and provided a visual framework.