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A Door Into a Virtual World – Integrated Systems 2016


At ISE 2016 in Amsterdam, Lang AG introduced the new GhosT-OLED display, a completely transparent interactive screen. To visualize this groundbreaking technology in an appropriate manner, we were asked to develop an exciting application.


Focusing on the transparency of the display, we decided to utilize the space behind the screen. There we installed a turntable with the model of a new building which Lang AG recently expanded into. On the display we showed the same model, but in the form of a 3D virtual object. A few hotspots on the virtual model highlighted specific departments inside the new building. If one of the hotspots was touched, the two models, both real and virtual, turned in sync to move the selected spot into the foreground. Then additional information on the department and the corresponding products were revealed, as well as a contact person.


The seamless synchronization between the application on the display and the mechanical turntable worked in both ways. This allowed visitors to turn the real model, upon which the application on the display adapted to the movement.