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Interactive Exhibition Installations


The annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes in Vienna gave us the opportunity to visualize the complex subject of diabetes in a playful manner. We were commissioned by our customer UNICBLUE Messe GmbH to equip two exhibition stands with interactive installations.

On one booth we installed a video wall consisting of six 60” displays. Via a circular multitouch interface visitors could browse through texts and videos. The central element of the installation was a live Twitter feed, which could be controlled interactively. 

The second installation was all about physical fitness. We equipped two stationary bicycles with tracking devices and multitouch screens which were conveniently installed on the handlebars. In front of each bike we set up a large display which showed a virtual drive through Vienna whenever the bike was operated. Visitors could race against the clock on four different routes through the city. The application also incorporated live ranking and accompanying commentary. Additionally, we included a quiz. Questions would be shown on the large screens, while the users could select the answers on the touchscreens on their bikes.