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Interactive Showroom "Experience Center"

Wärtsilä Finland Oy

The Finnish Wärtsilä Corporation is a listed company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of marine engines and power plants and has three main business areas - energy solutions, shipping industry solutions with a focus on the shipping industry and services for both markets.
For Wärtsilä in Vaasa we developed an interactive showroom the Experience Center. With the help of presentation modules, various corporate topics can be presented there.

The contents are presented on 24 46 inch displays, which are arched. Operation is via a 55" touch table "4K Fluxtouch".

In addition to the various presentations, interactive simulations can also be carried out. For example, the competence of Wärtsilä will be demonstrated on the course of a shipping route, where various conditions such as weather, condition of the plants and machines on the ship can be influenced. The real-time evaluation of various sensors enables the early detection of emerging faults and the processing of corresponding steps, e.g. warning notices for changing engine parameters, ordering materials, booking a service engineer for the next mooring, automated or in consultation with the ship's personnel.