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Virtual and Augmented Reality at Innovationstag Gläserne Manufaktur

Volkswagen Dresden

Virtual and Augmented Reality are great emerging technologies, but they still have limitations. So we have made it our goal to utilize the advantages auf VR and AR in a wider sense and make them easily available through the wide range of technology we use.

For the Innovation Day at Volkswagen in Dresden we developed a multi-AR-setup. The installation combined physical and virtual displays in an informative manner. One side featured a transparent Ghost T-OLED that showed an interactive application modeled to fit the object behind the screen. Additionally, we installed a camera with tracking technology by Trackmen – the corresponding content merged real and virtual images and was displayed on a large screen behind the installation.

Following our motto to use the right tool for every job at hand, we decided to go with Ventuz for this project. As a solution designed for the broadcast market, Ventuz was the perfect platform for this installation. The easy integration of external data streams and the ability to make content react to multiple inputs in real-time make it the good fit for the use alongside custom sensors and interactive devices.