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Pavilion of Kazakhstan at Expo 2017

The Expo 2017 theme was “Future Energy”. To pay tribute to this topic, the installations we realized were dedicated to many different forms of energy generation with a special focus on sustainability.

We equipped the pavilion of Kazakhstan with six interactive installations that were not only meant to appeal to the visitors’ curiosity, but also their sense of fun. For a few applications, they even had to build teams, as for the “Cycle Challenge”, where two groups of seven had to race each other on real bikes through a virtual city. Sensors on the bikes recorded speed, distance, and the energy generated through cycling. Whichever team had produced the most energy was declared the winner.

The exhibit “Solar Transportation” was also played in teams. Picking up on the topic of solar energy, players could use five mirrors to direct a light beam onto a model car. The more light reached one car, the faster it could go.

Four players competed against each other in the exhibit “Nuclear Fusion”. By shooting atoms at each other on a round touch table, they triggered nuclear chain reactions. The topic of kinetic energy was covered by the exhibit “Kinetic Floor”, where one person could direct a virtual ball through a labyrinth using pressure sensors underneath the floor panel.
For more information on solar energy, visitors could turn to the “Earth Relief Globe Table”. It showed a rotating planet earth and gave insight into the physics of solar irradiation. Interactive terminals allowed the users to dive even deeper into the topic.

To give the people something by which they would remember their visit to the pavilion of Kazakhstan, we installed a “Photo Booth”. Even here, we did not lose track of the Expo’s theme and placed the booth inside a wind tunnel. Via interactive terminals, users were able to select a background that was placed in their picture.

The combination of our installations created an entertaining and informative atmosphere. Visitors could enjoy their experience, get in contact with each other, and learn a lot about the efforts of Kazakhstan in terms of energy generation.