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Media Concepts

Graphics Design / Motion Design

2D/3D Animation

Interactive Applications

Kinetik / Sensor Technology

Mechanical Solutions

Multiscreen Installations

Multi-Touch Installations

Projection / Holography

Softedge / Projection Mapping

Augmented Reality

Technical Implementation

Exhibitions, Events & Permanent Installation


We at REALTIME DEPARTMENT know: People strive for experiences. The many years that we have spent in this industry have shown us that the audience wants to participate, instead of just watch; folks want to be inspired, not just informed. We try to achieve this goal through media technologies. Our installations for exhibitions, events, showrooms and shops turn the user into an integral part of the brand message. Of course it is important to bring across the information. But that which is only seen or heard, is quickly forgotten. Experiences stay with you for the rest of your life.


Our main focus is on our customers and their products. It is essential for us to truly understand their stories and backgrounds in order to create the perfect application. Hence, we are not about combining the latest gadget with the hottest design. Instead we will offer each customer a distinct concept that best tells his personal story. In some cases this might be a straightforward touch solution, in others a gigantic interactive projection, we might even develop a completely new technology – in every case, we will always keep the customer and his project in mind.


Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end, which is why we will support our customers from the very first briefing until the final curtain. In between, there is a lot of communication, which we tend to keep open and clear. Jargon and verbiage are not our thing, but we can offer know-how, creativity and real passion for our work.


Time for a lifestyle change! For a few years now we have been loosely cooperating with the company Glare Productions. In the beginning of 2014 we have finally tied the knot and are now official partners. Next to the notable increase in manpower, the guys from Glare Productions are also experts in the development of Ventuz plug-ins and mobile apps. This allows us to offer solutions which perfectly match our customers’ requirements.